03 June 2016
Teacher Inspiration: Emma Turnbull

“There are actually two teachers who I feel have given me particular inspiration to succeed.”


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As the school year draws to a close – and graduation approaches for many students – we reached out to some students to find out how their teachers have inspired them.

Minds Inspired Scholar Emma Turnbull shared with us the story of not one but two teachers who have inspired her:

“All of my teachers at Cayman Prep and High School have individually pushed me to achieve so much, especially over the last two years studying for my GCSEs.

“Ms. Paula Daniels is my Maths teacher. She has had the patience to help me to work out difficult concepts and has greatly helped me to build up my confidence in the subject. She is kind, helpful and does her best to make each lesson fun. Ms. Lina Gibson is my Geography teacher and is one of the nicest teachers I have ever met. She has helped me develop a real love for Geography, making each lesson something I look forward to each week.

“Both teachers have helped me shape my future career path, as I am choosing Geography and Maths as two of my A levels and I hope to study Geography with a Maths component at university.”

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