03 June 2016
Teacher Inspiration: Damian Thompson

“My professor displayed the passion that would remind any student why they chose their degree.”


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As the school year draws to a close – and graduation approaches for many students – we reached out to some students to find out how their teachers have inspired them. Damian Thompson shared with us his story of a college professor who has made an impact on his studies:

“In a classroom of 80+ students, it’s quite easy to fade into the background and just ‘get by’. This was simply not the case with Dr. Maria Petrie of Florida Atlantic University. From the very first day she made it her mission to learn every student’s name and turn their weaknesses into strengths based on quiz and test results. She made learning about circuit boards and switches very interesting and entertaining with her humour and witty personality.

“By the end of the course I was amazed at the amount of knowledge I was able to absorb and retain through her teaching methods and the importance it played throughout the remainder of my degree. Overall, she was a great leader, teacher and friend.”

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