03 June 2016
Teacher Inspiration: Chloe Tathum

“Mrs. Cummings helped me excel at my leadership skills, and without her, things would be very different today.”


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As the school year draws to a close – and graduation approaches for many students – we reached out to some students to find out how their teachers have inspired them. Chloe Tathum shared with us how her teacher has made an impact on her educational path:

“For me, one of the most influential teachers was Mrs. Gill Cummings from St. Ignatius Catholic School. As my P.E. teacher, she helped me embrace the leadership qualities of sports. She helped me down the career path of Kinesiology and with many other areas of my life as well. Lastly, she helped me overcome limits and taught me what hard work is, and I see her do the same with younger generations.”

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