01 December 2016
Sharing Gratitude this Cayman Thanksgiving

This weekend is Cayman Thanksgiving: a celebration of Caymanian heritage and culture, a gathering of friends and family and an opportunity to express gratitude for our blessings.


A relatively recent introduction to the holiday season, Cayman Thanksgiving was the idea of an 8 year-old girl called Kayci.  Picking limes to make swanky with her mother one afternoon, she wondered why Cayman did not have a Thanksgiving holiday of its own.  A new tradition was born.

The simplicity with which children see the world acts as an inspiration. This time last year, we asked some of our younger visitors to Camana Bay to fill in a “Gratitude slip” and share what makes them feel thankful. The answers would warm the heart of the Grinch:*

“I am grateful for my family and friends looking over me and helping me.” Natalia, age 9

“Having a good family and food and water. Also my life and being here today.” Abby, age 11

“I love Andrew. He’s my brother.” Lillian, age 5

“My mom giving me a Christmas cookie today.” Alek, age 5

Appreciation of family (and food) has been an important part of Cayman life for generations. Cayman Thanksgiving is a chance to celebrate our country’s art, music, cuisine and culture with those we hold dearest. And it’s no coincidence that it comes at the end of hurricane season, the safe passing of which we can all be grateful.

At Camana Bay, we give thanks to all those who support our community: residents, tenants, employees, students and faculty, shoppers, diners, dog walkers, boaters, and visitors from near and far. We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

*Permission has been given to share these responses