17 February 2017
Share the Love: Valentine’s Day Love Stories

On Monday we announced our contest winners in our Share the Love Valentine’s Day contest. There were so many amazing stories entered, however, so every day this week we will continue sharing the love by posting more love stories from all around Cayman. Today, read what Lianet and Celica told us about their romances:

Lianet Hydes


“My husband and I will celebrate our 10-year anniversary this June 30th, 2017.

It’s funny how we met because I couldn’t speak English and he couldn’t speak Spanish; however, with patience and love we created a beautiful family along with our two beautiful children, Leonardo who is 9 years old and Lindsay, who is 6.

Marriage is not easy, it requires a lot of communication and trust, but at the same time it is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. The fact that you can share your feelings with someone who is your best friend, the person that is with you in the best moments but at that same time in the worst moments of your life, that is extremely important. A person who will not judge you, a person that will motivate you to move forward in life and achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals. A person to spend the rest of your life with. A person that will enjoy your silliness and laugh with you until tears fall from your eyes. A person who holds your hand and takes you to walk on The Paseo in Camana Bay or to the movies. Love – what an incredible feeling. I am so blessed for my husband.”

Celica Pamela Archbold


“Cayman is such a special place for me and my husband. It was here where we met back in 2009 when I was barely three months working in this beautiful paradise. I was not looking for love and my priority that time was my career. But as God had it planned for us, we never left each other’s sight after meeting at a friend’s party in November 2009.

It was not an easygoing relationship at first. We had our ups and downs, both coming from different cultures and traditions. He is from Colombia and I from the Philippines. There were a lot of tests thrown in our relationship but we CHOSE to survive it all. We CHOSE to stick together. We managed to build a lot of good, happy memories in Cayman in spite of trials; and were able to balance work and pleasure (weekly movie date nights in Regal Cinemas).

It took three years into the relationship before we decided to get married and go through life as ONE. We got married in Colombia in 2012 and decided to leave Cayman Islands. We tried the life as husband and wife in the Philippines for two years (2012-2014) and then decided to go his side – in Colombia from 2014 to mid-2016.

But the Cayman bug bit us one more time and we decided to come back in August 2016 to work and live here again. Our love story continues here, and we are here to stay – to make more beautiful memories in this piece of paradise.”