16 February 2017
Share the Love: Valentine’s Day Love Stories

On Monday we announced our contest winners in our Share the Love Valentine’s Day contest. There were so many amazing stories entered, however, so every day this week we will continue sharing the love by posting more love stories from all around Cayman. Today, read what Jacqueline, Jenavieve and Karen told us about their romances:

Jacqueline Nguyen


“My love story with my fiancé, Ian, started four years ago in Cincinnati, OH on a tennis court. We met through a mutual friend during a friendly doubles game. The truth is, I was totally smitten that afternoon. It was one of those strange and special moments of life where my intuition told me that there was something unique about Ian, and that somehow, in some unknown way to me, our paths would cross again. I remember how easy conversation was and I remember being struck by how nice this guy playing tennis with me was.

Lucky for me, Ian must have felt the spark because a few weeks later he asked me to dinner. Our relationship has been defined by a shared love of milkshakes, Disney movies, dancing, being active, and travelling. Since that first meeting at tennis, there hasn’t been a day filled without love, laughter, and a little bit (or A LOT) of fun.

Biggest of all, we took the leap of faith and moved to Cayman together two years ago. Last July, our relationship came full circle when Ian proposed on the tennis court at our condominium complex here. This year we are looking forward to getting married in October and sharing in the incredible experience of making someone your family. It’s so special and we could not be more excited to have each other by our sides for life.”

Jenavieve Glass


“Our love story is a testament to the saying: “if you love something let it free, if it comes back it’s meant to be”. Me and my fiancé met and dated for a couple months in our first year of university. Things didn’t work out and we both went our separate ways. Two years later he ended up at a restaurant I waitressed at and here we are nearly seven years later. We’ve been living in Cayman for two years now and are extremely happy and love sharing our crazy beautiful life together and with our gorgeous French bulldog, Poppy.”

Karen Chatburn


“I first met my husband of four years when we started working together at a supermarket 13.5 years ago! It took us eight years to get together and we’ll soon be celebrating our daughter’s 1st birthday!

I would love to take my husband out as it’s actually his birthday on Valentine’s Day and last year for his 30th we couldn’t do anything massive because I was due any day!

We are enjoying being a family of 3, bringing our daughter up in amazing Cayman!”