VacationIdea: 25 Best Things to Do on Grand Cayman Island

17 February 2019

If a white sand beach alongside tranquil, crystal-clear waters ideal for sunbathing or a relaxing swim is synonymous with paradise, Grand Cayman is the destination. In fact, powdery white sand beaches and colorful coral reefs are the island’s calling cards. Grand Cayman is the largest of the British Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Visitors can learn about Caymanian cultural heritage at the Cayman Islands National Museum in Georgetown and at the colonial-era Fort George ruins.

The Observation Tower is a stunning 75-foot-tall viewing tower providing magnificent panoramic views of Grand Cayman. Created using over three million Venetian glass tiles, which took roughly one year to hand-cut and eight months to install, it is a simply breathtaking piece of architecture. It also features an elegant double helix staircase, an elevator to access each floor’s view, and several benches scattered throughout to enjoy quiet moments of reflection. The most prominent viewing attraction is the beautiful mosaic mural, which depicts an underwater scene easily recognizable to divers who’ve explored the Cayman’s waters. Children will especially love the view, as they are gifted with a coloring sheet that matches the mural.

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