Playing With Apparel: Zika Free Babymoon: Cayman Islands

21 November 2019

Hello Heroes,

So hopefully by now we’ve plastered our news on our socials enough that you know “WE ARE PREGNANT”, but just in case that didn’t settle in, “WE ARE PREGNANT”.

Over the course of this pregnancy, our cabin fever has been at its all time high. I mean we are travellers at heart and not being on a plane or on the road, has definitely been tough. So when I heard about these things called “Babymoons”, I couldn’t wait to start planning.

We searched far and wide for Zika free tropical destinations, but outside of Florida or the West coast of the US, there weren’t many options. Randomly searching through Canada Travellers Health site, I stumbled upon the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, both Zika free. *Fist Bump*

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