JetSet Magazine: Grand Cayman: A Movable Feast for the Senses

01 May 2019

By Si Si Penaloza

Are the stars aligning for a resurgence in seafaring luxury geared towards the richest people on the planet? What recently I observed in Cayman’s marinas indicates an affirmative trend; attracting stylish multimillion-dollar recreational vessels, the islands stand at the ready for the increased revenue and prestige such fleets bring the islands. Grand Cayman, largest of the sister islands, is home to the capital of the Caymans, George Town. This cosmopolitan hub bustles with chic eateries, high-end shopping, art galleries and museums.

While at the festival, why not explore making Grand Cayman your winter escape?  Camana Bay is worth a closer look, master planned over 685 acres, this New Urbanist mixed-use community spans sea to sound, offering a place to live, explore, relax and get inspired. Take a trip up the destination’s 75-foot observation tower, where you can admire beautiful sunken mosaics and sublime views. Promoting walkability, connectivity and sustainability through thoughtful and beautiful design, a visit to Camana Bay is a great diversion from overindulging at Cayman Cookout.

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