InsideOut: Bottle Blue

12 December 2018

By Catherine MacGillivray
For InsideOut

By bottling the blues of the sea and sky in aspects of its interior design, Agua restaurant serves a sensory cocktail to delight its diners.

The eatery recently moved to Camana Bay, where the location overlooking the canal allows the light to be leveraged to great artistic effect.

Panels of glass, replicating the bottoms of wine bottles in shimmying shades of blue, filter the sunlight as it floods into the dining room and bar, creating an ethereal aesthetic.

And the statement piece of the décor, a chandelier created from dozens of empty blue wine bottles, ripples above an expansive wooden dining table designed to seat large groups of guests.

“We intended to replicate the colors of the sea and sky outside, which are so beautiful in the Cayman Islands,” says Cristiano Vincentini, who owns the restaurant along with business partner Walter Fajette. “We also wanted an attractive interior so that people don’t just want to sit outside, but to come in and enjoy being inside, too, especially in wet weather.”

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