Family Traveller: Dive right in: the Cayman Islands for families

28 January 2019

By Jane Anderson

I’m sitting in the back of a kayak, my 14-year-old daughter, Scarlett, in front, our oars pumping through the dark water in unison by the light of an almost new moon. Venus and Mars watch us from afar as we head around a bend, past impressive Caymanian mansions, into a secluded bay. We’re in a mini-flotilla with red lights flashing on the backs of our kayaks, following Tom, our trusty guide. He stops intermittently to scoop upside-down jellyfish from the water, earnestly describing the delicate ecosystem here.

There’s more magic to come. We glide further into the dark bay and, as we dip our oars into the water, there’s an explosion of sparkling lights. We shriek with delight, and do it again and again, creating aqua fairy dust so twinkly, that Tinkerbell would be proud. As our excitement mounts, we scoop up water and throw it in the air, creating bursts of watery glitter.

The beauty of Grand Cayman is that one minute you can encounter these prehistoric creatures, the next you’re enjoying swanky new leisure development Camana Bay, with its smart shops, cosmopolitan restaurants, ice-cream parlours and cinema on wide, pedestrianised boulevards.

Drop by Picture This Studios and pick up a print by Jamaica- born artist Dready, aka Shane Aquart, whose whimsical look at life in the Caymans always raises a smile. It’s fun to spot his Rasta green, gold and red in a sneaky little detail like a jackfish.

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