Cayman Compass: Sports Store Offers Experiential Shopping

12 July 2018

Sportista Camana Bay

Not everyone is a fitness buff, particularly those not blessed with natural athleticism.

Staying fit and healthy is what keeps the doctor away, rather than the proverbial apple, but getting motivated is a whole ‘nother ball of wax.

A new sports store has opened in Camana Bay that promises to provide a unique shopping experience for customers. Sportista is a Caymanian-owned business offering quality apparel, footwear and accessories to people who are serious about their sport or those who want to be more active.

Catering to running, football and gym/fitness enthusiasts of all levels, Sportista is for those who want to commit to a fitness lifestyle. Owners and siblings Josephine, Naoki, and Emelina Montoya use imagery and technology to create an experience that makes shopping both unique and fun, an idea that came after visiting Nike Town in London.

Sportista customers will have interactive and educational opportunities to learn more about the store’s products and sport-related services by way of “Ask the Expert” clinics offered throughout the year. The owners have partnered with a number of local organizations, businesses and individuals to help enhance the experience, including physiotherapist Kristina Maxwell of Align, athletic performance specialist Glenn Duran Jr. from EDGE Athletics and triathlon trainer Patrick Harfield.

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