Cayman Compass: Police and Students Partner to Protect Disabled Parking

23 May 2018

Disabled parking Camana Bay

Watch where you park. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has enlisted the help of students from the Lighthouse School to halt unauthorized people from parking in disabled parking spaces.

Local students drew a series of five personalized signs that have been hung next to the disabled parking spaces in Camana Bay, and the hope is they will soon show up at other venues around Grand Cayman.

RCIPS community officer Jonathan Kern came up with the concept when meeting with the students from the Lighthouse School, and they unveiled the new designs Wednesday afternoon at Camana Bay.

“This is really an educational program,” said Constable Kern of the personalized parking signs. “Parking there for a minute is something that really does affect people. It’s a process that some families have to go through to load up their car and drive somewhere. If they can’t park there, it might be a minute for you, but it’s 20 minutes or a half-hour for somebody trying to find a space.”

One of the homemade signs bore the message: “Stop. Respect disabled parking.”

Another had more of a personal touch: “Please do not park in my space.”

The new signs have been affixed to 10 of Camana Bay’s disabled parking spaces. PC Kern said he came up with the idea with some help from the students at the Lighthouse School.

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