Cayman Compass: Agua Restaurant Ups the Ante at New Location

16 August 2018

Agua Camana Bay

When I heard that Agua Restaurant was moving to Camana Bay, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the decision.

I really liked the Galleria Plaza location and often stopped by for drinks in the evening, relaxing in the lounge area nicely positioned a stone’s throw from the bar.

Now that I have actually visited Agua 2.0 in its new digs, I am happy to say that this was definitely a good move. The space previously occupied by Ortanique been completely transformed and Agua now has the benefit of outdoor seating with a lovely view of the water.

The menu has also been updated. No need to grab for the oxygen – the ceviches for which the venue is famous are still available – but there are exciting new items to try such as the fried cauliflower, different pasta dishes, and some heavenly desserts that I’ll get to in a bit.

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