Everything You Need to Know About the Cayman Islands

22 December 2018

Picture your dream email landing in your inbox. Is the subject line something like ‘Invite to the Cayman Islands’? Yeah, thought so. Recently I was somebody-pinch-me lucky to travel to the Caribbean with Visit Cayman and experience all that the island life has to offer. From mouth-watering seafood to crystal clear seas and warm, white beaches, there’s little that can’t be found nestled somewhere beneath a coconut-clad palm tree and a beating sun.

We spent 6 nights on Grand Cayman and 1 on Little Cayman; the two islands may be sisters but they couldn’t be further apart in both size and feel. Whilst Grand Cayman fits it’s name from sprawling beaches to bouji bars and swanky hotels, Little Cayman is probably the closest to ‘paradise found’ that I’ll ever get. Let’s put it this way: the population of iguanas is bigger than that of actual people, so much so that they have right of way on the road. Yes, singular.

The Best of Grand Cayman

For the foodies

Abacus, Camana Bay

My favourite meal of the trip was at Abacus near Camana Bay. The head chef (ironically from Brighton!) is a real advocate of the farm to table philosophy. They’ve got gorgeous tables shaded by palm trees, they serve a great Sancerre and the menu makes it really hard to choose just one dish. Except lots of fresh, garlicky seafood, juicy New York style steaks and experimental small plates.

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