The Aspen Times: The Caribbean is (Re)open for Business

06 September 2018

underwater Cayman Islands

By Meredith C. Carroll
For The Aspen Times

While spending a semester abroad in college, a friend and I island-hopped around Greece during our fall break. Starting from Athens, we ferried over to Mykonos then planned on heading to Santorini, although since it was nearing offseason and some Greek islands experience flash floods (and we were in a pre-iPhone era), we kept calling ahead to the hotel we’d booked to make sure the weather remained favorable.

While you’re out and about, if you’re thirsty (which, since you’re on vacation, of course you are), a stop in Camana Bay’s town center at the West Indies Wine Co. is always a good idea. A refined space with fresh white décor that stays on message with its seaside surroundings, it’s the largest wine-tasting room in the Caribbean, with over 80 different wines by the glass served in wine station machines. If keg stands in a smelly bar with college kids in wife-beaters during spring break in Fort Lauderdale were part of your youth, you’ll need to graduate here to see exactly how far you’ve come.

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