21 March 2017
The Importance of Inspiring Interiors in Retail Design

The interior design of a store or restaurant is the artistic expression of the business’s goals, inviting consumers to fully experience the brand.

Experts explain retail design as a “silent salesperson” – meaning even when the staff is busy, the environment, displays, lighting and layout should engage the customers, inviting them to stay a little longer and spend a little more time getting to know the brand and the company.

Here at Camana Bay, while so much thought and detail is put into the planning and design of the architecture of the Town Centre, the walkways and the landscaping, we invite you to explore the interiors of our unique shops, restaurants and services who also value their first impression and have created warm and welcoming spaces. Below, we highlight five of our favourites and encourage you to go and check them out for yourself:


Books & Books

Books & Books, a haven for book lovers across Cayman, welcomes customers with a stunning atrium, adorned with lights and novels, which immediately elevates all senses and takes shoppers on a journey through their favourite stories and poems.


Jessie’s Juice Bar

The walls of Jessie’s Juice Bar, a café serving delicious and healthy meal options, greet customers with bright, vivid colours that match the vibrancy of their local ingredients. The cafe’s signature mural on the back wall depicts…



The soft, pink curtains, silky fabrics and delicate details of Silhouette’s walls and products allows ladies to embrace their inner goddess as they browse lingerie and sleepwear. The changing room makes trying on lingerie a glamorous – not gruelling – experience.

Interiors SOLES-6

SOLES Shoe Salon

The red carpet in SOLES Shoe Salon allows customers to feel like the true stars they really are as they sample new styles on the Hollywood-themed runway, while the lit shelving showcases the artistry of the shoes.


Mizu Asian Bistro + Bar

The warm lighting, low seating, and textured walls in Mizu transport diners to Asia as they enjoy the flavours of dim sum and sashimi. The red glow evokes the colour most closely associated with Asia, while also adding a romantic ambience that elevates the dining experience.