26 September 2016
Five Reading Nooks at Camana Bay Worth Finding

This September, we’re all about setting the tone for a perfect day of reading in honour of Literacy Month. Make sure to check out the other activities, events and special offers we have to celebrate all month long. In the meantime, be sure to visit our five beloved reading spaces around Camana Bay – which is your favourite?


1. Rocking Chairs the Colour of the Sea
So you’ve found a book that promises intrigue, mystery, chuckles, historical accounts or words of wisdom and you just can’t wait to start reading it. Bookworms everywhere know the feeling, which is why curling up with a new – or old – book in the seafoam-hued rockers overlooking Camana Bay’s Harbour is high among the favoured reading spaces in Camana Bay. Just steps away from Books & Books are even more rocking chairs so you can bury your nose between the pages the second you buy your next book.


2. A Little Unknown Nook
Overlooking The Harbour is a little unknown alcove between 89 Nexus Way and 62 Forum Lane with the perfect conditions for an afternoon of uninterrupted reading: quiet solitude, northeasterly breezes and a view of the water. Escape in your favourite book while sitting on the beautifully hand-carved wooden bench that hugs the circular court or beneath the shade tree rooted in the very centre.


3. Swinging Hammocks on a Private Island
There’s something to be said about swaying in a hammock under coconut trees with a book in hand. Cross the bridge to The Island for a toes-in-the-sand experience while you settle into the cocoon of traditional rope hammocks while on a private isle bordered with swaying palms, passing sailboats and juvenile marine life along the shore.


4. Just a Few Steps Further…
Is it possible for a destination to be both far removed and close to everything? Yes. Tucked away at the most southern end of Camana Bay’s Harbour, behind 89 Nexus Way, is an earthy and rustic set of steps suitable for both picnicking and lazing the day away with a book. Here, wood and stone steps are complemented by grassy lawns, all beneath the shade of seagrape trees. We love this nook because it’s distant enough to enjoy undisturbed reading time while remaining only a few steps away from the lively Town Centre.


5. Audio Backdrop in the Courtyards
The relaxing sound of trickling water elevates any reading space for an idyllic experience, which is why the courtyards at Camana Bay are popular among readers of all sorts. Whether you’re nestled under the umbrella of cascading yellow flowers in Cassia Court, sitting on the lawn in Gardenia Court, enjoying the water fountain at Jasmine Court with your toddlers, or lost in the jungle-like feel of Canella Court, you will be enveloped in the soothing sounds created by moving water.