28 November 2016
#FacesAroundTown: Meet Santa’s Photographer, Bouke

“Always the best reactions come when Santa is asked for a pony, it’s a classic and there are always a few parents with a sharp intake of breath.”


Meet Bouke Maddock, a photographer at Picture This Studios and star of capturing Cayman’s special moments with Santa Claus.

Bouke’s love for photography began when his wife bought him an underwater water housing for his favourite camera, which allowed him to shoot underwater with a tiny flash. This love has developed into a serious technical expertise, which he utilises as the Store Supervisor at Picture This Studios in Camana Bay. A tenant since 2013, Picture This Studios offers a variety of photography services including wedding photography, family portraits (a favourite of photographers) and they are also specialise in customised framing and canvas printing. Bouke also recommends checking out their artisan books – a modern twist of the family albums. “As artists, we love to see our work on display and not kept on a hard drive in a desk drawer. We want to return to the days of our children sitting with Grandma flipping through the pages of photos and discovering family and memories.”


Bouke steps out of the studio during the holiday season as the dedicated and passionate photographer for Camana Bay’s Caribbean Santa Claus photo sessions. It’s his favourite season of the year as he loves the fun energy and excitement from both the kids and parents. Santa Claus visits Camana Bay every Thursday and Saturday to meet Cayman’s littlest guests and hear their Christmas wishes (click here for details on when Santa makes an appearance at Camana Bay!). Bouke and Picture This Studios are a crucial element to making sure these magical moments can be shared with friends and families across the globe, although it’s not always the easiest!


“Every year, we do have one or two children who get a little too excited. As the photographer, this is great but for Santa it can be a little unexpected and require a costume change. We encourage parents to bring along a drink for the kids but make sure they visit the potty beforehand.”

Caribbean Santa Claus also has to deal with some funny questions from the kids which usually prompt the best reactions from parents.

“Always the best reactions come when Santa is asked for a pony, it’s a classic and there are always a few parents with a sharp intake of breath,” laughs Bouke. And for those tempted to try to trick Santa with a trick question, be prepared for an answer you may not expect! When older children ask Santa for an iPad, he’s known to produce a medical eye pad.

Look out for Bouke behind the lens this holiday season and make sure to thank him for spreading the holiday cheer.