06 September 2016
Faces Around Town: Meet Wendy Foreman

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“The people – the students, parents, teachers and staff are what makes the school such an enjoyable place to be.  I’ve known a lot of families for several years and though not directly involved with the students, have enjoyed seeing them grown up into polite, capable and well-rounded young adults.”

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Wendy Foreman, Office Manager at Cayman International School, speaks of her 18 years with the school with fondness. Starting in 1998 as school secretary, Wendy has witnessed the school transform in front of her eyes and is well equipped to speak on all the changes that have taken place and the transition that occurred when the school relocated from Governor’s Harbour to Camana Bay. She remembers the excitement of being in newer offices and classroom spaces and leaving behind the leaky roof and too-small accommodations of the school’s previous site. In particular she was thrilled to have floor-to-ceiling windows running the length of her new office. Outside of the Admin Building, Wendy loves the school’s setting, with the attractive trees, landscaping and architecture.

Besides her passion for working at CIS and building relationships with colleagues, parents and students, Wendy enjoys working at Camana Bay simply because of the proximity to many conveniences, such as shops and banks, and the reduced traffic thanks to being separate from other schools.

When she’s not working in Camana Bay, she enjoys going to the movies and browsing Books & Books for new novels, visiting her favourite lunch spot, Abacus, and buying fresh produce at the weekly Farmers & Artisan Market. The New Year’s Eve fireworks display is one of her favourite special events every year. In her spare time Wendy – who moved here from England with her husband Lez and twin daughters Hannah and Justine – enjoys yoga, tennis and participating in charity walks and runs.