08 September 2016
Faces Around Town: Meet Nimmi Sekhar

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“I am perpetually in awe as I see the kids grow and the school grow!”

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Nimmi Sekhar has been with Cayman International School since its days as Faulkner Academy, where she joined the team in April 1990 as a tutor working a few hours in the evenings. Within two months she had joined the school full-time, doing adult education, tutoring schoolchildren and assisting Dr. Elizabeth Faulkner, an educational psychologist, with testing and reports writing, in addition to managing the office and doing accounts. Having proven her skills as a jack of all trades, Nimmi became invaluable to the school, where she now holds the role of Vice Principal of Elementary & Early Childhood.

When CIS moved to Camana Bay, Nimmi remembers the excitement of moving from a relatively old building with cramped spaces into a brand-new purpose-built facility with a sprawling campus and state-of-the-art football field.

Nimmi says that initially the cosy atmosphere of the smaller old location was missed but soon the staff and students were enthralled with the amount of natural light flooding the classrooms, the storage closets and brand-new bathrooms. “The campus was beautiful with well thought-out landscaping and well-built, detail-oriented structures,” she says.

The campus’s location in Camana Bay was also a major draw of the move, and Nimmi enjoys the town’s ambience and the school’s proximity to a variety of foods and markets, shops and businesses. She is a passionate member of the Camana Bay community, having never missed a major event in the Town Centre. “Lighting the Christmas tree, the Parade of Lights, author visits at Books & Books, food festivals – they are all very well-organised and executed with good taste. I also look to Camana Bay for my gift ideas and shopping,” she says.

Citing her favourite part of her job as the daily interaction with the kids and their families, Nimmi also enjoys spending time with her own family – her husband, an orthopaedic surgeon, and her sons and grandsons.