05 September 2016
Faces Around Town: Meet Kayden Knapik

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Kayden Knapik joined Cayman International School (CIS) in 2006 at the tender age of two. Although Kayden was too young to recall his first impressions of the school’s new buildings and location in Camana Bay, his parents recall his awe at the school’s size and how new it was. He also loved the mini washrooms.

Now aged 12, Kayden loves going to school in Camana Bay as he’s close to everything – including being able to walk to his dad’s offices after school, as his dad works at Dart. He appreciates how the school keeps adding room, expanding in space but with class sizes that are still nice and small. Kayden takes delight in geography as he is intrigued about other countries.

Though only 12, Kayden has set very high standards for himself, which he will no doubt achieve, as he hopes to attend Harvard to study Engineering. In his free time, he plays on the school’s soccer team as the goalkeeper. His team finished 13th globally at Destination Imagination’s global finals.