09 September 2016
Faces Around Town: Meet Flynn and Wyatt Hope

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Meet Wyatt and Flynn, two siblings who attend Cayman International School, and have done since the school opened in Camana Bay in 2006. Both siblings can recall their first day at CIS in Camana Bay, as Wyatt entered first grade and Flynn second grade.

They were intimidated by how big the school was in comparison to their old school in Governor’s Harbour, as it was admittedly a big change for both of them. However, 10 years later, they both love going to school in Camana Bay thanks to the beautiful campus, classrooms and facilities provided. They also enjoy the convenience of being located in the town of Camana Bay, as Flynn enjoys walking over to the Town Centre to grab lunch with friends and Wyatt enjoys being close to home so there isn’t much time spent travelling to and from school.

According to Flynn and Wyatt, CIS has grown considerably since its opening in Camana Bay in 2006. Not only are there more students and teachers, but CIS added the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme for 11th and 12th grades. “The programme is rigorous and widely recognised all over the world,” says Flynn. She enjoys this programme because it provides students the option to apply to universities across the world.

Once the school day is over, both siblings like to participate in extracurricular activities and take advantage of the many after-school programmes offered by the school. Wyatt likes to play basketball and football, and enjoys meeting up with teachers to get extra help on homework assignments. Flynn participated in the CIS girls’ soccer team, which was a great experience for her because she was able to play against other private schools across the islands. Both siblings have big plans for the future; Flynn is expected to graduate in 2017 and hopes to go to a university in Canada and purse an undergraduate degree in Biology. Wyatt, on the other hand, is expected to graduate in 2018 and is actively looking at Law with hopes to attend the University of Liverpool.