02 September 2016
Faces Around Town: Meet Darcy and Greg Simcoe

Cayman International School has been in Camana Bay for 10 years as of 1 September 2016. Our first tenant, CIS’s focus on fostering the next generation of leaders inspires us. Over the next week on the blog we are featuring several stories of CIS students and teachers who have been with the school for the duration of its time in the Town Centre. Here are their stories, and be sure to keep up to date with the latest CIS news through the hashtag #CISinspires.

“Camana Bay never existed when we first moved here 16 years ago, so it is amazing to see the progress and positive change it has brought the island.”

Meet Darcy and Greg Simcoe 800x500

Meet Darcy and Greg Simcoe, a happily married couple teaching at Cayman International School and living the Camana Bay dream. They have both been a part of the CIS team for the duration of the school’s time in Camana Bay – Darcy as a Grade 5 teacher and Greg as the Physical Education teacher for the elementary school – and in fact are a part of the small group of teachers who worked with the school in its previous location, when it was Faulkner Academy. As they celebrate the 10-year anniversary of CIS moving from Governor’s Harbour to Camana Bay, Darcy and Greg recall the excitement of the move: unpacking large containers, moving desks and chairs, and how the move brought everyone at CIS together as a family and only served to build their CIS community. They cite their favourite thing about working at CIS as being a part of students’ lives and watching them grow into young men and women.

The Simcoes have been working together since the start of their 20-year marriage and it’s a natural way of life for them to separate the personal from the professional, yet they both appreciate the opportunities to teach on this beautiful island and to share in their love of the school. During their free time, they shop at Camana Bay, visit The Farmers & Artisans Market for fresh produce and just relax in the Town Centre people watching or hanging out with friends.

The couple is very active outside of CIS, enjoying going for walks with their dogs – Rembrandt and Colbie – reading and staying fit as Darcy enjoys playing tennis and Greg works out at the gym. Rembrandt is a rescue dog from Cayman who played a role in CIS’s history in Camana Bay as well as he was too young to be left at home so he would spend time at the school when it first opened.

“We named him Rembrandt, from the famous Dutch painter, because he would sit in paint in the art room and then leave little bum marks on the floor and come home with a little red bum,” Greg shares. “I guess he is the original school mascot.”

The couple is well-travelled – returning home to Manitoba, Canada for holidays or revisiting Norway, where they married in an 11th-century church – and are adventurous, too, Greg having climbed Mont D’Or in Switzerland and Darcy having climbed Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Machu Picchu in Peru.