07 September 2016
Faces Around Town: Meet Dani Scott

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Meet Dani, who was just six years old when she started her first day of school at Cayman International School in Camana Bay back in 2006, entering the second grade. She remembers feeling incredibly nervous but being able to settle in quickly thanks to everyone treating her with kindness. Now, 10 years on, Dani takes delight in going to school in Camana Bay, enjoying not just the beauty of the school but also the many facilities that are easy accessible to the students. These facilities include the pool, tennis courts and The Arts & Recreation Centre. Throughout the years, Dani has witnessed the various changes at CIS: the student body has grown, and the school has been steadily expanding for the last few years.

When she’s not hitting the books, 17-year-old Dani remains occupied with her various extracurricular activities. She participates in Model UN, the Debate Club and she also participates in the annual drama production and the annual talent show through CIS. She’s also an avid reader – she absolutely loves books, so it’s no surprise that her favourite subject is English. Expected to graduate in 2017, Dani plans to go to the United States to further her studies.