16 September 2016
Celebrate Literacy Month with Floetry

Celebrate Literacy Month by joining talented poets and performers for an open mic night at Books & Books for Floetry on Wednesday, 21 September from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.


We’re inspired by Jim Smith’s poem about Cayman’s beaches. Jim fell in love with the island when he visited in 1992 and has visited over 25 times. His poem, Alone on the Beach, conveys this love:

Alone on the beach,
Just my thoughts and me.
There’s no other place
That I’d rather be.

Stepping on to the sand
Is like opening a door.
Whatever your troubles,
Relief is in store.

This time will give you
A new outlook on life.
It gives you perspective
On worry and strife.

Alone on the beach,
With the sound of the sea.
There is no such thing
As, “oh, woe is me.”

The surf is so calm.
The sun is so bright.
On Grand Cayman’s beach
Everything seems just right.

The world is still out there,
And it can be so cold.
But, alone on the beach,
Troubles all are on hold.

No longer half empty,
Half full is life’s glass.
A constant reminder
Bad times, too, shall pass.

It’s at times like this
That one thing seems clear.
Just how lucky I am
To be standing right here.

So, start each day early,
Alone with your thoughts.
Cayman’s morning provides things
Not otherwise taught.

Alone with my thoughts.
This will never grow old.
Like Ireland’s leprechauns,
It’s my pot of gold.