09 September 2016
Celebrate Literacy Month with Novels and Nibbles

As we celebrate all things literary throughout September (Literacy Month), at Camana Bay we are here to help you set the scene for a cosy afternoon of reading. Whether you’re lounging around the many reading nooks around the Town Centre (stay tuned for a blog post on our favourite reading spots) or lazing the day away in bed at home, here are a few necessities from the shops and restaurants of Camana Bay.


Books and Magazines
Choose from a selection of novels and magazines from Books & Books, ranging from mystery and suspense to humour and self-help. Visit the wall of New York Times Bestseller books for the most recent selection of popular reads.

Books, Books & Books, prices vary.

Fashionable Eyewear

Your eyeglasses are a reflection of your personality and make just as much a fashion statement as the latest Tori Burch tote, like these timeless Scojo Stanton St. tortoiseshell frames.

Frames, VisionWear Cayman, $80.00.

Mini Morsels  

Enjoy a warm and wholesome breakfast muffin alongside a rich cup of coffee while losing yourself in the pages of your book, or snack on light and fluffy macarons for a special treat.

Bran muffin, $2; Latte (large), $3.49, Bay Market. ‘Good Vibes Only’ coffee mug, $22, Belle by Celebrations. Macarons, caramel and mint, $2 each, Gelato & Co.

Bookmarks + Accessories

Avid readers everywhere celebrate a little when they find a great bookmark that’s both beautiful and functional, such as this handmade beaded marker made in the Cayman Islands. Working your way through a great travel handbook or personal growth guide? Jot your thoughts and inspirations in the margins with the smooth stroke of a Safari fountain pen, shown here in brilliant yellow.

Handmade beaded bookmark (colours vary), $10.99; Safari fountain pen (available in many colours), $37, Books & Books.

This iPhone case comes equipped with a handy built-in selfie light, great for reading late at night or, you know, taking selfies.

iPhone selfie light case, gold, $55, Belle by Celebrations