Yoga at Camana Bay: Another Reason to Secure Camana Bay Office Space

02 August 2018

Camana Bay and Align recently launched weekly yoga classes at Camana Bay. This new wellness initiative is just one more benefit that makes Camana Bay the perfect place for businesses to set up shop. With a soothing sunset class to wrap up Mondays and an early sunrise class to welcome Fridays, Yoga at Camana Bay is a great way to start or finish your day with exercise and a beautiful view.

The weekly classes are held on the dock behind Starfish Village and are taught by teachers from Align, a wellness studio in Camana Bay, offering an integrated approach to physical rehabilitative and preventative care. For those who work and live in Camana Bay, this location allows students to simply walk to the harbour from their Camana Bay office space and join in a class. There is no need to pre-book and this convenient location means you won’t have to fight traffic to get to class on time.

The physical benefits of yoga are endless but attending the morning session has the benefit of freeing up evening time for errands or leisure. Alternatively, ending the day with sunset yoga allows you to unwind before heading home for the evening. For those working late, take an hour break to reset your mind before going back to pick up where you left off. Yoga is also a great group activity to invite colleagues to join. The steady movement, flow of breath and light stretching is good for the body, helps build relationships and results in better team spirit and morale within the workplace.

Classes cost CI$15 for drop in (cash only) or you can purchase a six-class pass in the Visitor Centre for CI$80. For more information about yoga and any of the other benefits of working at or having a business in the best commercial real estate in the Cayman Islands, visit