Workplace Environments opens showroom in Camana Bay

21 January 2020

Randy Buck – Photo: Alan Markoff

By Lynn Smith

Workplace Environments is moving its showroom to a new environment.

A solution provider for office, learning and health environments, the company will open a 900-square-foot showroom in the One Nexus Way building in Camana Bay. The opening is scheduled for later this month.

The company was started in late 2000 by Managing Director Randy Buck when he purchased Hampstead Ltd., and then formed Workplace Environments. As an authorised dealer of Steelcase, a well-known supplier of quality office furniture, interior architecture and space solutions for offices, hospitals and classrooms across the globe, the company says it has been well-placed to succeed.

Located for many years on Breezy Way near Owen Roberts International Airport — where its operations centre will remain — Workplace Environments has outgrown the space. But that’s not the only reason for opening the new showroom.

“One of the reasons we are moving to Camana Bay is that we want to be in the hub of the business,” said Buck. “We know that’s where we need to be. Steelcase has encouraged us to be there, too. Also, our working showroom is to help potential clients that might want to move to Camana Bay see the latest furniture.”

In today’s competitive labour markets, it is important for companies to entice new college graduates into their workforce by providing attractive work environments, Buck said, adding that it is also important for businesses to be efficient.

“What we try to do is provide hard-working spaces,” he said. “Steelcase, which partners with Microsoft, provides research and development that we use in our marketplace to create efficient and productive spaces. The cost of real estate is expensive here, so we want to maximise that space as efficiently as we can for our clients.”

In addition to Steelcase, Workplace Environments provides products from some of the best-known manufacturers of office fixtures and furnishings, including Enwork, Datum Filing Systems and EKKO, which is one of the largest providers of window furnishings in the world. Workplace Environments is also one of the largest commercial flooring companies on the island, providing carpet, tiles, hard surfaces and raised floors.

Design trends
To be successful, Workplace Environments has stayed on top of major trends in the design of spaces. Buck explained that the old 6-by-6-foot panel systems are now being replaced with different systems that include areas such as quiet rooms where people can go to take a call.

Whiteboards are now used that allow colleagues in remote locations to see what’s being discussed. Work cafes are also becoming popular.

“What’s nice about our product is that it’s all modular,” said Buck. “Once we have four walls, we can come in and set up an office very quickly. Speed of construction is much quicker with modular walls and furniture.”

Other services
In addition to selling office furnishings and fixtures, Workplace Environments also provides various business services including furniture leasing, panel and chair cleaning, ergonomic solutions, relocation services, furniture specifications and planning and reconfigurations.

The company also produces two- and three-dimensional renderings for clients. These show the space, the furniture, even the fabric, thus enabling the clients to have a bird’s-eye view of what they are purchasing.

“This helps the architects and designers to advise what should remain and what should be changed,” Buck said. “We have a very strong relationship with the design community. That’s where most of our business comes from.”

Buck said Workplace Environments has been the key player in Cayman’s office furniture market since its early days.

“We’ve kept the market share,” he said with a smile, noting that the company’s clients include many of Grand Cayman’s largest organisations, including the Cayman Islands Government, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, PwC, Dart, Ogier, the Maples Group, E&Y and more.

With the move to Camana Bay, chances are Workplace Environments will continue to be the key player in the market for many years to come.

This article originally appeared in the January 2020 print edition of Camana Bay Times with the headline “A New Workplace Environment.”