What’s cookin’ at Bon Vivant: Greener lifestyle choices

06 March 2020

By Hilary Van Loon

The month of March has long been synonymous with the colour green and everyone’s favourite Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day.

But beyond the leprechauns, shamrocks and liberal sprinkling of green food colouring, the third month of the year offers an opportunity to embrace green in a different, more environmentally friendly way.

Eating and drinking are daily requirements for all of us, meaning small changes can have a larger impact in an economy of scale. Local retailers and restaurants alike have an opportunity to champion “green” choices as we have seen with the power and popularity of “No Plastic Straw” campaigns across Grand Cayman and the rest of the world.

In turn, the reusable straw industry has ballooned and the breadth of products available means there is a reusable straw for everything from coffee to cocktails. Silicone tips, collapsible designs and fashionable cases have improved on the original models, making the switch to reusable straws more enjoyable and more doable in everyone’s day-to-day life.

Another simple swap that is both stylish and sustainable is the reusable, insulated drinking bottle. With the added bonus of keeping your beverage of choice cold for up to 24 hours, brands like Corkcicle are raising the stakes on drinking bottles of old. From insulated Champagne flutes to flip-top Sport Canteens with built-in straws, the disposable plastic drinking vessel can easily be relegated to the past. Factor in trendy colours and psychedelic patterns and this green upgrade is both fashionable and functional.

As beverage trends change quickly and eco-conscious movements sweep the globe, lunching trends are anxious to keep pace. Sustainable lunchtime cutlery used to mean camping-oriented plastic “sporks” or pinching your best dinner flatware, both of which inevitably found their way to the dirtiest corners of your handbag or briefcase. Like the reusable straw industry, reusable cutlery is seeing growth in popularity and innovation alike. Joseph & Joseph’s Go Eat cutlery set features a restaurant-quality fork, spoon and serrated knife that bundle into a compact, silicone carrying case to keep food residue in and mystery purse fuzzies out. Reusable snack bags like those from Itzy Ritzy, Trudeau’s stylish lunch containers with lids that can’t be lost and Corkcicle’s new insulated lunch bags that look more couture than cooler bag, are all examples of greener choices that don’t require compromising.

Greener lifestyle choices don’t have to be complicated or expensive and they don’t require you to forgo fashion in favour of function. Invest in a tool or product you look forward to using every day and your eco-friendly efforts will never feel like a chore.

Hilary Van Loon is the retail operations manager at Bon Vivant in Camana Bay.

This article originally appeared in the March 2020 print edition of Camana Bay Times with the headline “What’s Cookin’ at Bon Vivant.”