A Town Where Love Blossoms: A Camana Bay Proposal

15 October 2018

Camana Bay proposal

For local lifestyle blogger Jem Castor and her now fiancé Antonio Vien Punzalan, Camana Bay has always been special. After moving to Grand Cayman from Toronto, Canada, Camana Bay was one of their first stops.

“Camana Bay instantly stole our hearts on the second day of our adventure in Grand Cayman,” said Jem. “It’s definitely a go-to place for our date nights, may be it a sushi dinner followed by movies or a gelato and romantic sunset walk. This place played such a big role in our relationship as we transitioned from the city to an island life.”

With a location just steps from Seven Mile Beach and minutes from George Town, Camana Bay is easy to find and return to over and over again. Jem and Antonio have memories of enjoying after-work hammock swings to watching the fireworks here on special occasions. And one day last week, Antonio decided to create the most special memory of all: a surprise proposal.

“Antonio planned the proposal perfectly!” Jem said. “The photographer, Antoine Powell, reached out to me a week before asking if he could use us for a portfolio piece. The concept of the shoot would be a “romantic and elegant” look.” As a blogger, photoshoots are familiar territory to Jem, so she agreed and she and Antonio spent about an hour shooting different set-ups. “As we were wrapping up, I did my famous pose where I quickly turned around to the photographer – but this time, when I did, Antonio was down on one knee asking me to marry him. We were both full of emotions and were so happy that this moment was captured, just as I would want it to be.”

Camana Bay couple photoshoot

Photos: Antoine Powell unless otherwise stated

Jem and Antonio have been together for six years, but have known one another for more than 15. Antonio took Jem on a first date which included sharing Pad Thai, buying Jem her first pair of running shoes and then drinks at a nearby pub. “We didn’t know then that it would be the beginning of our amazing love story.”

Camana Bay wedding gift card

Photo: Jem Castor

An engagement is the perfect time to give a special “Happily Ever After” Camana Bay Gift Card, the couple can use for future date nights at the restaurants of the Town Centre or Camana Bay Cinema. They can also stop by Bedside Manor to take advantage of their wedding registry services, or browse wedding planning books at Books & Books.

Congratulations to Jem and Antonio, and if Camana Bay has played a part in your love story, make sure you share it with the Camana Bay team on social media (Facebook and Instagram)!