#TenantTakeover – Living in Cayman: A Day-to-Day Perspective with Design Studio

25 September 2018

Welcome to the first of our Tenant Takeover series, featuring Design Studio. The aim of this series is to showcase what it is like to spend a day in Camana Bay as a business that is based here, or someone who lives or works here.

Mia Parres, interior designer with Design Studio, took us along yesterday as she showed us an average day in her life. This was posted to our Instagram Stories. If you missed it, check it out on our Instagram and click on the highlight reel named Tenant Takeover. Take a sneak peek below at some of the stories posted!

There are so many benefits of living in the Cayman Islands, and of living and working in Camana Bay, and we are excited to showcase these viewpoints straight from those who spend their time here. Let us know on social media which tenant you’d love to see featured next and be sure to let us know the ways in which you like to spend your time at Camana Bay. If you are interested in setting up business in Camana Bay, contact us to find out more.