Spotlight On: Vagabond Media Group

12 December 2016

“The best part of being in Camana Bay, aside from having everything we need in one place, is the feeling of being part of a larger team and network.”


The latest company to find a home in Camana Bay is Vagabond Media Group (VMG), and creators Jason Kennedy and Monica Walton have transformed their 831-square-foot office space into a home where creativity can grow from ideas around a table to writing on the wall – literally!

Jason and Monica launched VMG in February of this year as a multi-platform media house and production company based in Cayman. They specialise in producing original content and new media and managing brands for their clients. Both artists in their own right, Jason and Monica have appropriately exhibited the creativity they offer their clients throughout their workspace, filling the walls with murals and using a keen eye for décor to make the space feel like a think tank with a homey vibe. As Monica says, they wanted a space that reflected their creative needs, something “comfy, cosy and expressive as opposed to being cold and rigid.”


The urban, industrial-chic design for the space encourages a forward-thinking, cutting-edge mindset for their team to channel when coming up with strategies and concepts for their clients. Breakout spots such as a graffiti-walled meeting room and their transformation of a mail room into a coffee bar allow for many pockets of space within a relatively small office. And the inspiration for VMG’s name, the Vagabond bike, hangs on the wall as soon as you enter the office. “It’s a big milestone for us, getting an office in Camana Bay, so having a reminder of where we came from on the wall keeps us motivated,” Monica explained.


Jason and Monica chose Camana Bay as their first office home because it has everything they need in terms of resources. “We love the community feel and the gorgeous surroundings,” Monica explained. “It’s great to have so many options around you so it doesn’t get mundane and boring. It’s also great for our clients; we can easily have meetings in one of the cool little courtyards. It’s very social, which we love, and it’s great for our business – you bump into other business owners and potential clients.”