Camana Bay Cinema’s menu

20 August 2019

Last updated: 20 August, 2019

Updated by Gabrielle Wheaton

With their VIP auditorium featuring the latest surround-sound technology, easy ticket purchase and extensive food menu, Camana Bay Cinema is proof that living on an island does not mean having to go without.

The entire experience of going to the movies has changed and guests are sure to appreciate the upgrades when visiting Camana Bay Cinema. Being able to purchase your tickets and food at the same time, using the cinema’s faster and smoother ticketing process, gives visitors more time to browse the wonderful selection of treats available. For guests in the VIP auditorium, food can be placed on the convenient trays extending from the seat arms. Luxury!

Still offering the delicious and traditional movie theatre items such as popcorn and candy, the cinema menu now includes nine thin-crust pizza options, spicy or regular chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, shoestring or curly French fries and a range of child-friendly foods and healthy snacks.

The made fresh-to-order thin crust pizzas are designed to be quickly assembled and freshly cooked in the speciality pizza ovens for two minutes. Once you place your order, you will be enjoying your pizza in just under five minutes. With unique pizza names such as Jurassic Pork, Silence of the Hams, Meat The Parents and Pineapple Express, the experience of going to the movies in the Cayman Islands just got even better.

The VIP auditorium now has its own licensed bar, with concessions available in the VIP area also, allowing for shorter lines and a quick experience when it comes to getting your food and drink and taking your seat.

For more information on show times, visit Camana Bay Cinema’s website here.

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