Recommended Things to Do in the Cayman Islands on Your Vacation

03 August 2017

At Camana Bay we are pleased to share news that the Cayman Islands has been removed from a travel advisory list warning of the transmission of the Zika virus. We want to take this opportunity to welcome all to the Cayman Islands to enjoy its many amenities – and we are here to offer a range of activities that can be enjoyed while here! Over 400,000 people are expected to visit the Cayman Islands this year – a record-breaking year for the country. This June we saw a 12.8% increase in air arrivals and 2016 saw over 1.7 million cruise ship passengers step ashore. To find out what they got up to or seek some recommendations for your trip, look no further!

  1. Dine like a (Michelin) star

…Or like you are enjoying your mom’s homemade cooking, if that’s your thing – there’s something for everyone when it comes to dining things to do in the Cayman Islands! From delicious traditional fish fry and local spots in the eastern districts (easily accessed in either a rental car or by quick ferry over to Kaibo and Rum Point) to an interactive experience dining at the Caribbean’s first outdoor teppanyaki table at Mizu Asian Bistro + Bar, to a progressive dining tour allowing you to take in culinary creations from four restaurants in one night with the Camana Bay Flavour Tour, there is no shortage of opportunities to tantalise your tastebuds while in the Cayman Islands.

  1. Pick up local goods for unforgettable souvenirs

The best souvenir to take home is one that reminds you of the place and experiences you are leaving behind. Bring a little piece of the Islands home with you – literally! – by picking up some Caymanite jewellery at the weekly Farmers & Artisans Market at Camana Bay every Wednesday, from 12-7 p.m. With a range of farmers selling local produce, make sure to stop by and sample a tropical fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before, then move onto browse the goods from a number of artisans, creating jewellery, ceramic art, paintings, pepper jelly and hot peppers and more.

  1. Hit the water – from sea to Sound

It’s just a quarter of a mile from Seven Mile Beach’s high-water mark to The Crescent Fountains overlooking the North Sound. This stroll will take you up and over The Rise, a pedestrian walkway that offers a sea-to-Sound connection. The elevation in the mid-point of The Rise offers an excellent view of the island and the landscaping along the way offers local flora, enhancing the experience and providing endless selfie opportunities! Once at the North Sound, hop on a luxury charter to Stingray City or a Cayman Ferries water taxi over to Kaibo and Rum Point for a day trip.

  1. Explore the island by boat, bike or air!

Grand Cayman’s small size allows visitors the chance to drive around it in a day, but why not change the transportation style so you can sight-see more than drive? Hop onto the water ferry to Kaibo and then borrow one of Cayman Ferries’ bikes to explore the north-eastern part of the island and take in Rum Point, a popular snorkelling spot. Alternatively, take to the skies! Drive or taxi into George Town to visit Cayman Islands Helicopters, where pilot Jerome will offer a narrated tour of Grand Cayman from the air – and if you request it in advance, he will drop you off on the helipad at Camana Bay, just in time for you to enjoy an evening meal on the water.

  1. Explore new ways to stay fit on vacation

Everyone wants to remain active on vacation without it keeping them shut into a hotel gym. Take to the beach for a stroll or jog, or sign up for paddleboarding lessons off Seven Mile Beach. The waters are calm most of the year and will allow for an excellent beginners’ experience on the board, but for those more experienced boarders, try your hand at paddleboard yoga! Keeping your balance while floating on moving water will work your core like never before. If you are a member of a CrossFit or Anytime Fitness gym, both companies have locations in Camana Bay and your membership will work there, so be sure to stop by for a quick ‘WOD’. While in the Town Centre, jog up the stairs at The Observation Tower. The top floor sits at an elevation of 75 feet and offers a stunning panoramic view of the island.

  1. Give the kids a chance to play outdoors – every day!

The 30-foot bursts in the interactive fountains on the Camana Bay Crescent delight children on a daily basis. Designed by the same minds behind the famous Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, The Crescent is activated with Imagination Playground for children to expand their imaginations while enjoying water-soaked playtime on the harbour. With regular storytimes at the Town Centre’s stunning bookstore, Books & Books; seasonal outdoor movie showings and the island’s only cinema offering a full roster of blockbuster movies and pick from a range of flavours at Gelato & Co. before hopping next door to Starfish Village, an entertainment centre for children offering drop ‘n’ play and stay ‘n’ play options.

  1. Try a wine or two – or take a tour of signature Caribbean cocktails

For many, a Caribbean holiday is synonymous with a pina colada or a rum punch – who are we to stop you? Take a stroll through Camana Bay, stopping at the various watering holes to try one of their signature cocktails, whether it’s Abacus’ Bellini, The King’s Head’s own gin or KARoo’s scotch bonnet tequila shot for some true island flavour – and heat! If wine is more your preference, don’t miss a visit to West Indies Wine Company – with over 80 wines on tap, try a do-it-yourself tasting or ask their in-house sommeliers for some guidance on everything from bubbles and rose through to a range of reds and port.

  1. Be inspired by the view as you expand your creative side

Arts have always been a large part of Caymanian culture, from traditions such as live storytelling and dance to visual arts and crafts as varied as thatch rope making and ship building. Stop by the weekly Farmers & Artisans Market to view what local artists are producing these days – and take some home with you – or to witness and participate in Cayman Islands Tourism Association’s rope-making, located just under The Observation Tower. On Wednesday evenings artists can bring their supplies to KARoo on the waterfront for Open Canvas, where artists can gather to paint together or visitors can watch artists create. Those participating receive a free drink or two from the bar, as well.

  1. Brunch it!

Brunch is definitely on everyone’s list of things to do in the Cayman Islands – a much-beloved tradition here, people will meet up with friends and loved ones mid-morning and linger well into the afternoon over a feast of buffets, BBQ, dim sum, seafood, breakfast favourites and more. Offering two very diverse brunch options, Camana Bay is the perfect spot on a Sunday – enjoy KARoo’s BBQ brunch; with outdoor picnic bench seats overlooking the fountains, it’s the perfect spot for families; or try out Mizu Asian Bistro + Bar’s dim sum brunch. Afterwards you can play the day away in the Town Centre or hop on a ferry over to the eastern side of the island. The only thing required is relaxation!

10. Spend some time under the sea

The sea life in the Cayman Islands is renowned – with crystal-clear blue waters and stunning coral life there is always something to see. Take a boat charter from The Harbour at Camana Bay out to Stingray City and stop off in the sandbar, where the water is waist-height and the stingrays are warm and friendly, or visit Starfish Point, where the seas teem with starfish basking in the shallow waters. Remember not to lift the starfish out of the water so as not to harm them, but they can easily be photographed through the clear-as-glass sea. Most boat trips include a snorkelling stop on the way out or back, offering coral views and fish galore to take in as you float under the sun’s rays.