Print your pictures

23 September 2019

A large printed photograph of Camana Bay Times columnist Lisa Reid and her family.

By Lisa Reid

Now that we are firmly in the digital age, printing photos has been relegated to an optional step in the photographic process, one that many people rarely, if ever, do anymore. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in printing and displaying your photographs.

The digital graveyard 
With high-quality cameras installed in our mobile phones and the affordable availability of digital cameras, we take thousands of photos each year. The ease by which pictures are taken and shared has made us rely heavily on social media platforms to preserve our precious memories. The rest of our pictures typically stay stored on our phones, computers, hard drives or in the cloud, never to be looked at again. And even if you do want to look through them, there are now thousands of them, so just the thought of going through all those photos feels exhausting. Printing the ones we like best soon after they are taken is one way to avoid having your photos ending up in the digital graveyard.

Crash, boom, bang
Most people have experienced a fatal computer or hard drive crash, or have lost their smart phone or tablet through carelessness, accident or theft. When this happens, what do we get most upset about? Losing our photos that we didn’t print.

A personal touch at home
Printing and displaying your photos helps bring life to your home or your desk. It’s hard to ignore a picture when it’s mounted on your wall or in a frame on your desk. The memory stored in the picture adds character to wherever you put it. Seeing the smiles on the faces of loved ones or having a visual reminder of a specific good memory — like that vacation trip of a lifetime — is inspiring.

Make Grandma’s day 
Online digital printing makes it easy to deliver extras copies that you know the grandparents, and other friends or family members, will cherish. A mailed envelope of photos or a framed print is sure to bring them joy.

NanaGram, for example, is a service in the United States and Canada that allows you to text the company digital images and it then prints and delivers the photos directly to the grandparent’s door. It’s a super easy way to put a smile on Grandma’s face.

Lisa Reid is a photographer at Picture This Studios based on Forum Lane in Camana Bay.

This article originally appeared in the September 2019 print edition of Camana Bay Times.