Give back during the holidays with the Camana Bay Christmas Give

04 December 2019


The annual Santa Run, which will be held this year on 14 December, is a fun and healthy way to support Camana Bay’s Christmas Give, which this year benefits Cayman Food Bank.

By Anna Wootton

Charity is a part of the Christmas tradition and Camana Bay’s Christmas Give is an annual initiative that provides the Cayman Islands community with an opportunity to help ensure a happy holiday for all.

This year, the Christmas Give benefits Cayman Food Bank, which seeks to end hunger, malnutrition and poverty on Grand Cayman.

Cayman Food Bank takes a different approach to traditional food banks by freezing perishable foods before distributing them to food pantries throughout the island, thereby minimising food waste.

“We are trying to link two problems we have — immense food waste and people going hungry,” said Foster’s Managing Director Woody Foster, a founding member of Cayman Food Bank.

As the largest supermarket chain on Grand Cayman, Foster’s is heavily involved in Cayman Food Bank’s work, donating much of the food that is distributed throughout the year.

“There’s still a lot more to be done, but it is rewarding to see food being put to use rather than wasted,” he said.
Cayman Food Bank was opened in December 2017, so this Christmas will mark the organisation’s two-year anniversary, Foster said.

“Within the second half of our first year of operations, we were able to coordinate distribution of the food to those in need through food pantries located at churches across the island,” he said.

The Christmas Give initiative will allow people to support Cayman Food Bank’s valuable work in several ways. People can donate food at the Camana Bay Visitor Centre or participate in the annual Santa Run on 14 December. This jolly jog around the Camana Bay Town Centre is full of festive fun, with proceeds from registration fees benefiting Christmas Give. Registration forms are available at the Camana Bay Visitor Centre or online at

Another way people can support Cayman Food Bank through Christmas Give is by putting their change in a coin-drop stand located at the Bay Market Cafe entrance of the newly opened Foster’s Camana Bay supermarket. Once placed in the slot, the coins race down a spiral to join the other donated coins, making it fun to watch for children, who are at the same time taught valuable lessons about the importance of giving to help others.

“We need to raise funds year round, but especially at Christmas time you want to be sure people have food on the table,” Foster added. “Working with Camana Bay on the Christmas Give is a great way for us to achieve this goal at this time of year.”

This article originally appeared in the December 2019 print edition of Camana Bay Times with the headline “Giving back through the Christmas Give”.

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