#FacesAroundTown: Meet Nadine Dumas

27 June 2016


“On an island where we work hard and play hard, I want to show women how they can maintain their health and fitness goals and a busy social calendar at the same time.”

Nadine Dumas is a transformation and life coach and international fitness model who is taking over Abacus at Camana Bay with an event on Tuesday, 12 July from 5:30-7:30pm. The event sees Nadine work with Abacus’s head chef Will O’Hara to put a healthy twist on some of the restaurant’s menu items, offering a three-course meal paired with ‘skinny’ cocktails while Nadine shows guests how to stay the course when it comes to eating well while attending social or business functions.

Nadine has been in the fitness industry for the past nine years, in areas from fitness competitions to personal training to wellness coaching. She first came to Cayman from her native Canada in 2005 to work in accounting but her passion for helping others and all things health and wellness led her to embark on her current path. She has been featured on nine international fitness covers, including Women’s Health & Fitness and Oxygen magazines, and through her transformation challenges and online coaching programmes she has reached thousands of women.

Keen to remind women that they can have their cake and eat it too, Nadine is adamant that women not live in fear of food or have to endure anxiety when out socialising. “I am hoping to teach a way to find balance in life so that women don’t feel they have to go to extremes to get results.” She chose to work with Abacus because of her love for the food and the restaurant itself, along with its setting in Camana Bay. “Abacus has been really open to new ideas and Chef Will has been incredible to work with,” she says.

Women who wish to learn a bit more about finding balance in their lives through health fitness, despite leading busy lifestyles with packed social calendars, or those who simply wish to pick up healthier lifestyle habits will all benefit from this restaurant takeover event. The cost is CI$100 per person and includes all food and drinks served. Email [email protected] to RSVP or for any information. The deadline for sign-ups is Friday, 1 July.