#FacesAroundTown: Meet Markus and Max

17 June 2016


“I tell him to be himself, be independent and, above all, be adventurous. Those are the most important things I could ever teach my son.”

Markus Mueri’s adorable and energetic four-year-old son Max visits his father at work every afternoon following a day of preschool at Little Trotters. “Camana Bay is Max’s playground,” Markus, co-owner of KARoo and Abacus restaurants in Camana Bay and Deckers restaurant on West Bay Road, explains.

While at his dad’s untraditional “office”, Max spends his time interacting with the chefs and restaurant staff, learning the ropes of the business as well as how differing flavours pair together in the kitchen. “’Dad, let’s cook!’ That’s what he says to me when we’re at home,” Markus says. “And he gets out the pots, spoons and everything he possibly can – and I have to eat it! Kids love to bake; they like to make things.”

Besides whipping up ‘interesting’ treats for his dad, Max loves collecting rocks. “He’s going through a phase; he’s completely captivated with rocks,” Markus laughs as Max walks over to show his dad the many stones gathered in his shirt like a kangaroo pouch. “Max isn’t into expensive toys; just rocks. Really, the happiest of children live the simplest lives.”

At the restaurant, Max meets people from all walks of life and Markus and Max’s mom, Fleur Coleman, are raising their son to be respectful of others and to be well-mannered. “That’s really important to us.”

Even though Markus has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years, he isn’t at all resolute to make a restaurateur of Max. “I just want him to live a life doing what makes him happy, regardless what that is.”