Camana Bay Welcomes Its Newest Shop, Sportista

03 July 2018

Camana Bay welcomes its newest shop, Sportista, to the Town Centre. Sportista specialises in high-quality yet affordable sports apparel, footwear and accessories. The shop boasts brands, including Nike, Adidas, Asics, New Balance and Under Armour. For the Montoya family, the owners of Sportista, doing business in Grand Cayman means expanding from their first store Futbolista World, located in George Town. “Our decision to open in Camana Bay came with this high level vision for the store. We wanted a location where we could launch this unique and new concept to the island. The location needed to be lively, community-driven, high-end, and of course, well known. As the premier shopping centre in Grand Cayman, Camana Bay embodied it all,” said Emelina Montoya, one of the owners of Sportista.

Sportista is owned and operated by Josephine, Naoki and Emelina Montoya. The siblings say they were inspired by the Nike store in London with its bright lights, upbeat music and large images. Their vision was to create a similar interactive shopping experience here in Grand Cayman.

To achieve this they will be offering educational workshops and clinics with industry experts who will talk about a range of health and fitness topics. Shoppers will also have the opportunity to do a gait analysis before picking out a running shoe. This method will assess the way in which they run and walk, and guide the consumer as to which shoe to buy according to their results. “One of our goals in opening a business in the Cayman Islands was to create an environment that promotes health and fitness through a variety of channels,” said Emelina.

While the Montoya family have been in the business of selling sporting goods for several years, when asked about opening a second business, they said they knew it would take some time and energy. “Our take on establishing a business on Grand Cayman was that it was definitely worth it and it was one of the best locations in the Caribbean to start up a business.”

The family gave its top four reasons explaining the benefits and advantages of doing business in the Cayman Islands:

  1. The island is small, making it easier to create a business that is one of a kind and that can be tailored to people’s needs and wants.
  2. The standard of living in the Cayman Islands is high and people are always willing to spend on high-quality products and services.
  3. The Cayman Islands is in close proximity to the United States, which facilitates the ordering and shipping process.
  4. The diversity of both residents and visitors on the island makes the market equally diverse and suitable for all types of business ventures.

Check out the Sportista shop, its offerings and events by stopping by its waterfront location on the Crescent in Camana Bay.