22 Ways to Relax in Camana Bay: Recommendations from Those Who Spend Time Here

01 May 2019


Credit: The Healthy Maven

By Anna Wootton

Last month we ran a giveaway on social media, giving away hammocks as a nod to the Caymanian tradition of camping on the beach during Easter weekend. In celebration of this camping culture and the four-day opportunity to unwind, we encouraged people to share their favourite spots to relax in Camana Bay as a way to enter the giveaway.

We were so impressed by the hundreds of responses and range of ideas – both popular favourites and creative new suggestions we hadn’t heard before – that we just had to share, as a way to inspire you to relax more. Come by Camana Bay any time to enjoy plenty of areas to chill out and lay back (the Town Centre has over 30% of its space dedicated as public space) or shops, restaurants and services in which to while away the hours.

We whittled your ideas down to a list of 22 ways to relax on Grand Cayman in our stunning Town Centre. If you think we missed some, make sure to hop onto social media and let us know: you can find us on Facebook or Instagram. If you are sharing photos of your time here, be sure to tag us and hashtag #CamanaBay so we can see, share and say hi!

  1. Chairs in front of Crossfit Cayman before and after a workout 😊. (@debipatricei, Instagram)
  2. The Observation Tower looking over the North Sound and watching the kiddies play in the fountain! (@mrs_poweryperez, Instagram)
  3. Anytime Fitness. Here I can enjoy my time and be healthy and strong – love this place. (@yensi4560, Instagram)
  4. Sitting watching the world go by on the hammock under the breezy palm trees, so relaxing and recharging. (@rosiewindsorphotography, Instagram)
  5. Sitting outside at Waterfront having breakfast on a Friday morning. Great start to the weekend! (Rachael Hanson, Facebook)
  6. Our family loves to relax on holiday weekends at Camana Bay and we adore the rocking chairs looking out over the Camana Bay Harbour with a gelato in hand! (Erin Bodden, Facebook)
  7. We always enjoy the rocking chairs facing the open water by the big fountain, while reading a book and watching the kids play. Also the nice view, breeze and food by Mizu and The Waterfront. (Joyz Ferrer Walsh, Facebook)
  8. Enjoying a summer movie in the outdoor area, with a cold glass of champagne and a Brooklyn pizza! Or maybe some Island Company rum! (Candace Drepaul, Facebook)
  9. The Crescent where the kids play in the amazing water fountains! (Ashley Watler, Facebook)
  10. Enjoying the evening breeze out front of KARoo with friends but if alone, in a rocking chair with a book #CamanaBay. (Tina McLean, Facebook)
  11. Browsing through the shelves at Books & Books. (Emily Farren, Facebook)
  12. You just can’t even imagine the joy of finding an empty rocking chair! I just like to put up my feet and rock away while enjoying my gelato! (Heidi Kristina Lawrence, Facebook)
  13. Dawn at Camana Bay’s Island. (Carmina Mejia, Facebook)

    Credit: Carmina Mejia
  14. Eating lunch by the water or sitting in Gardenia Court when the gardenias are blooming strong. (Emiley Johnson, Facebook)
  15. Weekends at 7am is our usual time with my little one. We love strolling around Camana Bay while it’s still quiet and my son can run around freely. Afterwards, we’d have breakfast in one of the restos. It’s our weekend routine. 😊 (Lovely Ibanez, Facebook)

    Credit: Lovely Ibanez
  16. My husband and I have this tradition at Camana Bay. Sunday mornings, we’ll fill our bellies with drinks and food at one of the many amazing brunch spots at the bay. Then, when we’re deep into our food comas, we’ll sit in one of the rocking chairs overlooking the bay. The gentle breeze and the sway of the rocking chairs is the perfect lull to a little mid-afternoon nap. Genuinely, the most relaxing spot on the island. (Karen D Insignares, Facebook)
  17. Mine’s probably a bit unique: top floor of the Solaris parking garage. Windows down, radio playing my favourite music, watching the sun set and being able to see Seven Mile Beach and the North Sound at the same time. (Skipper Whitney, Facebook)
  18. Here’s what y’all have to do first! Grab your coffee fix from the island’s best coffee barista at Bay Market! Get your card stamped because the 6th one is free! Or is it the 8th? 🙂 Then take a stroll down towards the canal and sit down on the island’s famous rocking chairs, facing the canal! See the kids splash in fountains as you sip your latte! Now how’s that for a perfect way to wind down and relax! Sippin’nChillin at #CamanaBay. (Jenna Ford Snyman, Facebook)
  19. Chilling outdoors with a smoothie while getting a bit of work done at one of the bistro tables nestled in Canella Court beside the fountains. (Kara Donnelly, Facebook)

    Credit: Kara Donnelly
  20. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show at the cinema. (Maria Fairclough, Facebook)
  21. I love the view from the Observation Tower. You can’t help but take a few moments to admire that sea to sound view! (Devlin Kenny, Facebook)
  22. I love getting my morning coffee from Jessie’s Juice Bar and reading before work in the leafy courtyard behind Bedside Manor. (Emma Draffin, Facebook)

About the author

Anna Wootton is the Digital Marketing & PR Manager for Dart’s real estate companies and assets, including Dart Real Estate, Provenance Properties, Camana Bay and The Residences at Seafire. Born in the Cayman Islands, with British heritage and a Canadian passport, Anna is multinational with a Caymankind heart. Anna has a background in journalism and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from University of British Columbia. She has worked in Camana Bay for the past 5 years and can be found at an afternoon Ryde class or getting her paint on at 3 Girls & A Kiln.