05 October 2016
#AngelasBasket: 5 Market Finds Under $5

With an abundance of #AllAboutLocal produce available at our weekly Farmers & Artisans Market, Angela has filled her basket with the best bargains for any pantry. Here are her five picks, all under $5:

Water spinach for CI$2 a pound


Farmer Clarence of Green Valley Plantation Farm carries this unique vegetable, also known as Kangkong.

Long beans for CI$3 per pound

The perfect accompaniment to a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey are these delicious long beans from Farmer Clarence of Green Valley Plantation Farm.

Sweet peppers for CI$3 per pound


This tropical vegetable from Sparkie’s Amazing Farm will add a punch of sweet flavour to your next dish.

12 eggs for CI$3.50

Farmer Patrick of East End Gardens & Gifts carries a large selection of eggs every week. They also encourage guests to reuse egg cartons, so make sure to bring them back or bring your own.

Pumpkin for CI$3.50 per pound

Amy’s booth has got you covered for this fall delight. With an abundance of pumpkin available, you’ll be sure to enjoy the season.

The Market is every Wednesday from 12pm to 7pm along The Paseo. Not only can you find the freshest produce, but you’ll find artisanal crafts like soaps, lotions and candles, as well as a selection of homemade jams and jellies. Click here for more on our local offerings.